Fruit squishies

Fruit is an important part of every healthy diet – and fruit squishies are an important part of every mentally healthy, stress-free lifestyle. From apples to bananas, pears to pineapples, Kawaii Squishies is thrilled to offer your favorite fruits in huggable, squeezable, and most of all squishable new form.

If you just can’t get enough fruit in your life, we’ve even got some scented fruit squishies as well! Bring the appetizing aroma of banana, peach, watermelon, apple and more with you wherever you go. From school hallways that reek of sweat and cleaning products to rooms filled with smelly socks, there’s no odor that a fruit scented squishie or two can’t solve.

Add important vitamins to your diet with real fruit and color and happiness to your life with a fruit squishie today!